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Spa Pedicure  50 minutes     $45 
An hour long treatment for your hard working feet. The Spa pedicure extends the scrub and massage up to your ankle. Includes detailed toe nail work and nail polish
OPI Pedicure     60 minutes     $55
This special pedicure is the ultimate retreat for your feet. Includes a customized OPI callus-reducing AHA lotion, OPI spa seaweed scrub, a relaxing hydrating massage extended up to your knees all while reclined, and then dip your feet in a warm, relaxing paraffin dip to seal the deal. Includes toe nail detail work and nail polish.
Hot Stone Pedicure 1hr  15min.   $60
This is an incredibly indulging treat for any one's feet. Using round, smooth hot stones to massage your feet and calves with will make you feel like you’re in heaven! All OPI products are used.
All toe nail detail work and polish included.