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Swedish Massage
Deeply relaxing and refreshing. Swedish Massage is the foundation to all Western styles of bodywork. Long, rhythmic, fluid strokes and gentle kneading relaxes tension, increases circulation and promotes greater range of motion and overall wellness.
Deep Tissue Massage
A deeper massage to assist with chronic pain or persistent muscle tension. Slow deep pressure targets specific muscle tension in your body. Techniques include myofascial release, trigger point therapy and cross fiber friction.
Sports Therapy Massage
This massage is specially designed to treat athletes or active individuals. Flushing strokes remove toxins from sore muscles, providing muscle relief and aiding in injury prevention.
Pre-natal Massage
This is a must have for all expecting mothers. Pamper yourself with this gentle, relaxing massage. Receive relief from backache, sore feet and other physical stress's of pregnancy.
60 Minutes $65
90 Minutes $90
Hot Stone Massage
60 Minutes $85
90 Minutes $100
Warm up and relieve stress! Smooth, silky, hot stones are worked over tense muscles to provide a deeply soothing and relaxing massage!