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A facial is a skin care treatment performed on the face, neck, shoulders and declote´.
Facials were designed to remove excess dirt and dead skin cells from the skin. Facials restore the proper PH balance to the skin and keep the skin supple and younger. Facials also relieve stress and tension in the delicate facial muscles, as well as strengthen these muscles. While rejuvenating yourself, help your skin to look younger and age slower!
Custom Facial     $75 
This customized facial will restore the feel and look or radiant, healthy skin by massaging in a serum meant for your skin concerns and also by applying a customized skin care mask.
  • Intense, hydrating Complex Collagen concentrate for deeply dehydrated dry, aging skin.
  • Rejuvenating O2ptimal C Complex to reduce wrinkles, smooth the skin and reduce hyper pigmentation.         
Plantomer and Propolis Facial     $70
This Facial is perfect for all skin types. The propolis concentrate is decongesting, desensitizing and healing for the skin. Deeply hydrating, it leaves the skin tight, refreshed and healthy with an exceptional glow.

Rs2 Rosacea Facial     $65
This soothing, desensitizing treatment is designed to calm and hydrate rosacea skin. While diffusing the redness with a cool oxygenating mist, it strengthens and heals capillaries. Rich with rose essentials oil, green tea, vitamins A, B and C, and seaweed, this facial will give you those clear, exceptional results you've been waiting for.
The Gateway to Youth Caviar Facial     $80
Looking for a luxurious, ultimate, anti-aging treatment? The caviar facial will provide an effective defense against aging by using one of many fine ingredients called Escutox, also known to be the alternative to Botox. This de-stressing, soothing facial will hydrate, energize and repair mature skin. This precise combination of active ingredients delivers undeniable results.
Clinical Acne Facial     $70
This facial treats acne at any age. We deep cleanse, exfoliate and extract as needed. A powerful, soothing and healing serum is massaged into the skin to help prevent further infection and it also diffuses the redness.

Teen Facial     $55
Get the right start on caring for teenage skin. We provide the tips on proper home care and the knowledge on how to take care of your skin right from the beginning.

  Hydradermal  Facial   $45
Need a quick pick-me-up? Going to a special event and want your skin looking its best by being refreshed and hydrated but pressed for time?  This is the perfect touch of pampering just for you. Relax and unwind while looking your best in just 30min.
Men's Facial     $65
For the hard working, active man suffering with skin aggravations from shaving, ingrown hairs and daily dirt and oil. Experience the luxury of a facial and clean, clear skin!

Lacto-Floral Peels    
You can do this treatment in a series of 6 or as a stand alone service. This peel will help fight against signs of aging, fine lines, acne and hyper pigmentation.
    One peel     $30
As a stand alone treatment, we cleanse the skin, apply the peel and let that sit on your skin to break down the dead skin cells, then an aloe serum will be massaged into your skin to sooth and hydrate. Followed by SPF 30 and moisturizer.
    Series         $240
The series allows you to get 6 consecutive peels every week for 6 weeks ending with a facial to refresh your skin.


Lacto-Floral Peel........$10